Thursday, May 12, 2016

Carol and the Academy: Posts I Drafted But Never Shared


I did not watch the Oscars voluntarily. I was with my grandparents as I am almost every Sunday and they force me to watch them nearly every year. Almost all of my favorite Hollywood films these season were snubbed except for The Big Short  because it was the only one that starred white men. Carol's Best Picture snubbed hurt the most, not because it was my favorite (Hello, Straight Outta Compton!) , but because there were so much buzz and critical acclaim. It was nominated in every other major awards show besides the Oscars.
Many claimed the snub was do to the lesbophobia, but this 
Autostraddle article beautifully illustrates how the snub was most likely dealt because Carol unlike many celebrated queer film texts the film does not attempt to appeal to the heterosexual viewer or the male audience. The film has almost no male leads and the existing male characters are treated with disdain. Basically, Carol is honest about how men factor into lesbian relationships: they don't, unless to serve as obtrusive.

P.S. I love you. P.P.S. That post script was a very hip movie reference.P.P.P.S. I spent way too long editing and formatting these pictures. 

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