Monday, February 15, 2016

Supplemental Post 2: Star Sighting--Matt Bomer!

I was driving through Larchmont Village on Sunday, February 7th when I saw him. I had just left a trendy new workout spot and was driving past all the trendy food places on the ever-so-trendy Larchmont Blvd. That place is like Bloggersville come to life. On Sundays they have a super expensive and high-end Farmer’s Market (which I do not take part in on my college student budget). So, as I was driving past instead of participating, I saw a man approaching the crosswalk with fresh flowers and produce spilling out of a canvas bag slung over his shoulder. I stopped to let him to let him cross safely and he smiled and nodded. As he made his way past my windshield, I realized it was Matt Bomer and I, quite literally, gasped and covered my mouth with my hands. Fortunately, at that point he wasn’t looking in my direction anymore. I watched him get to the other side in his mint green sweats and gray sweatshirt, tried to get it together and continued driving.

Now, there really isn’t any way for me to know if it truly was the stunning Matt Bomer, but it sure seemed like something he would be doing on a Sunday morning. I called my sister to tell her about my star sighting and she totally agreed that it would make absolute sense for Matt Bomer to be out grabbing fresh goods from the Larchmont Farmer’s market to take home to his husband and three sons. As if we can make such assumptions about someone’s life who we don’t know whatsoever. I suppose that is the nature of celebrity culture. We know a few tidbits about these people and we fill in the blanks ourselves.

I’ve long thought Matt Bomer is one of the most beautiful human beings ever so this experience was pretty exciting for me. If it really was him, seeing him in such a setting is pretty cool. Despite being unbelievably gorgeous and likely having several opportunities to be far more famous and well-known, he has stayed low-key as a celebrity. We know very little about his personal life and he’s never had any real noteworthy news story. He quietly does his job as an actor and quietly goes to the Larchmont Farmer’s market. Well, I think he does. Then again, we all have our different versions of celebrities because we don’t actually know them. I’m just glad I got to fan girl in my car for a few minutes. And if it wasn’t him, there’s another strikingly beautiful man out there so that’s sure nice to know!  

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