Monday, February 15, 2016

Supplemental Post One: Star Sighting- Justin Bieber

    When I think of celebrity sighting hot spots, the first thing that comes to mind is The Nice Guy in West Hollywood. As probably one of the most exclusive restaurants in LA County, I was nowhere short of thrilled when I was able to sneak in with a few friends behind a ridiculously tall group of blonde models. In the corner, surrounded by friends was beanie clad Justin Bieber. I pretty much felt as if there was a unicorn walking through the restaurant. My first thought was why are all of these people pretending to be uninterested that one of the biggest heart throbs of our time is sitting in the corner eating a plate of pasta? Unfortunately me and my friends had to follow suit and act as if dining with Bieber is a regular part of my Tuesday night.
   One of the most interesting parts of the encounter was not that people were pretending not to care, but that he seemed to have on a type of mask, even in a tiny dark restaurant full of non- fans. He was constantly sporting that ridiculous side smile, and laughed loudly even when nothing his friends said was amusing in any way. My favorite part of the night was when he gave the piano player a nice hip check to get him off of the chair, so Bieber could chime in with his own version of "Let me Love You" by Mario. My friends and I were doing that awkward screaming with our mouths closed pretending to keep our cool, as everyone in the restaurant pretended they weren't getting a private Justin Bieber concert. The piano player gave him the side eye as Bieber ruthlessly stole his spotlight. Much to my dismay he only tickled the ivories for a minute or two, but none the less i left the restaurant feeling like I had been dreaming. I can honestly say it was one of the more bizarre experiences of my time here in LA, and the main thing I learned is everyone here seems to be fantastic at acting.

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