Monday, February 22, 2016

Supplementary Post #1: Ethnic Identity and Ambiguity

As we discuss femininity and identity in the 1950's, I am reminded of reminded of certain slut-shaming discourse around Kim Kardashian. Often when we as a culture and/or as feminists discuss Kim Kardashian, we discuss her from a purely gendered lense. However, Kim Kardashian represents a more layered issue of gender and race. Kim Kardashian's an Armenian woman, as her father Robert Kardashian was an Armenian (As good as David Schwimmer may be in The People v OJ Simpson, his casting made me squirm). Often many over look this aspect of Kardashian's identity or don't see it at all. Kardashian does this intentionally, blurring her own identity for her own benefit. What does this mean for the Armenian people and Armenian identity in America? It is a question that has bothered me and Kamee Abrahamian broaches the question with greater elegance than I could have mustered in her two-part series Kim Kardashian: the Dark Horse of Armenian Society (1,2) for Hye-Phen Magazine. The articles are fantastic as is the website that focuses on Queer and Trans Armenian Identity and Feminism.

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