Monday, March 7, 2016

Core Post #3: The King

  This week's reading was all about the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis. Elvis was and always will be known as music royalty, hence the nickname. He has maintained a cult following long after his death and remains to be one of the most well known celebrities of the past few decades. But what was it that caused such a massive following and extremely loyal fan base? Sure he had a good voice, sang some catchy music, and starred in some cheesy, albeit entertaining [for some] movies. However what people remember of this iconic figure is often rooted in his image. Elvis' voice would not have had the same impact on his fans if not paired with his gyrating hips, killer good looks, and voluminous hair. His image created the entire package, and this importance of a celebrity's image still exists today. You could have all the talent in the world, but without the look to go with it, you're just another dreamer hoping to make it big in Hollywood.
  I also found the notion of "seeing" Elvis quite intriguing, or any musician/singer for that matter. Like the reading said, when we talk about going to concert, we often, "talk about going to 'see' Sting or Prince or Madonna." When it comes to musical talent, we often forget to focus on just that, but rather the image or spectacle of the star and that's just how it is. This image is based on both the physical image as well as the social image that the star puts on both on and off the stage. It is this which Elvis is so remembered by; his ability to both make his fans swoon with emotions one has on their first crush with both his hips and his face, to his ability to make them feel comfortable with his generosity and self giving, this is all that fans of Elvis see because this is the image he portrayed for so long.

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