Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Mockery of White Trash

Going off of my core reading post, I think it’s interesting to observe how examples of white trash are mocked and somewhat sensationalized. It’s not rare to see a funny video of someone doing something so ‘trashy’ that it makes internet headlines.

What came to my mind instantly while reading was a video of a woman asking for a cigarette - and when the person she asks doesn’t have one, she reacts outrageously via shouting ‘FUCK OFF’. I think it’s hilarious that someone would react so outrageously, but the reason why it is so funny (to me, at least) is because of how little class she displays. The video went viral and someone also made a remix out of it which I thought was HILARIOUS.

Tying back to Sweeney’s thoughts on ‘White Trash’ revealing the falsity of racism, I believe class is composed by manners and actions rather than skin tone. What makes a person trashy is their actions, and this can translate across any human being regardless of race. Definitely displayed here. 



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