Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I see Marlon Brando everywhere!

This has been a weird spring break so far in that Marlon Brando has randomly populated my horizons, both virtual and real. Three Brando-related events and some Brando-related trivia.

1. What twitter is abuzz with: gossip

2. This zine I found at the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco!

3. On a recent documentary on Brando:

"Spontaneity and authenticity are the hallmarks of Method acting, and, in many ways, they have become the de facto way that we discuss the strengths of a performance. At the time of these recordings, Brando was rallying against the cookie-cutter brand of acting that had long reigned supreme: “Your Bogarts and your Coopers gave you the same performance in every film,” he tells us at one point. The star system all but required it. But with Brando and his explosive Stanley Kowalski, the Method went supernova. In accord with the principles of pop psychoanalysis, Method acting promoted, as Krasner writes, “the idea that there exists a deeper, perhaps subconscious self, one more real than the social self.” In doing so, it fostered one of the greatest shifts in acting technique of the 20th century."

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