Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Supplemental Post #4: If [a celebrity] were your [bf/gf]

The Toast is one of my favorite websites for interesting commentary and parody of popular culture. Their topics range from a reworking of Shakespeare (Dirtbag Macbeth is a must-read) to paralleling quotes from the Bible and campy films. However, my favorite series is If [a famous person] was your [bf/gf], in which a writer theorizes the details of the reader's relationship with a celebrity if they were to date long term, everything from lazy Sunday afternoons to your first meeting. The writer does this by amalgamating the aspects of the stars public persona and reworking them into a personal narrative. What's left is a fascinating and indulgent work of fiction. This series fascinates me because it takes our relationships to the famous to a literal level and speaks to both the intimacy we feel with them as well as the distance that reality places between us and them. My favorite piece is 'If Nigella Lawson Were Your Girlfriend'. Additionally, this piece somewhat single handedly jettisoned me into a brief obsession with Nigella Lawson. Hence the fact, I plan to write my midterm on her persona through a postfeminist lense.

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  1. Oh. My. God. This is GREAT! I could see this being insanely popular within the lesbian community and Tumblr community. When there is such little representation of lesbian characters on TV and in film, I think we latch on to anything we can get, really.


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