Monday, March 28, 2016

Supplementary post: Amanda Bynes

To my dismay, this post is not a star sighting, but a post written in response to a conversation I had with a few friends at dinner. The question was what made Amanda Bynes go so suddenly so insane? Half of the table believed that mental illness was looming inside of her for her entire life, and simply reared its head later in her life. The other half believed it was a Brittany Spears style temporary breakdown, and she would come back into sanity and relevance in good time.
But one thing no one blamed it on was the way our society and media treats celebrity, and how the constant speculation and lack of privacy could drive anyone to a breaking point. Is paparazzi stalking and blatant lies in tabloids a fundamentally immoral part of our lives as Americans, or is this something that should be protected by the right to free speech and satire of a public figure?

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