Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Supplemental post #3 Miranda July on Rihanna

Often times in journalism, journalists are encouraged to remove themselves from their work. In interviews of the famous and influential, this is reflected as the journalist removing themselves entirely from the dialogue they have had with said person detaching their line of questioning from their curiosity from its verbal embodiment and refocusing the discussion to the answers they are given.
 The celebrity is far more important and interesting than the interviewer. Miranda July's profile of Rihanna decimates this notion. Miranda July is a star in her own right in certain communities, as a feminist filmmaker and author, but in this interview she embodies the reader by detailing her own rapturous love for Rihanna. By subverting this notion of how writers should approach profiles, she amplifies Rihanna's fame by detailing her personal experiences as an interviewer. 

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