Monday, March 28, 2016

Supplementary Post #7: TV's Lovable "Bitch"

I came across an article on Salon called "The 'bitch' we come to love: Summer's 'O.C.' evolution taught me to appreciate this kind of TV heroine" because I noticed the picture had Tyra from Friday Night Lights in it and I loved that show and Tyra in particular, despite her non-traditional role as a likable character. I always found myself rooting for her regardless of what trouble she may have gotten herself into because ultimately, she always held her own and from her original appearance on screen, she was not overshadowed by anyone, not even the dreamy Tim Riggins. In fact, despite hooking him, Tyra easily moved on from Tim and despite perhaps coming across as the "bitch" character referenced by the article, I had immense respect for her. It has been a long time since I watched The O.C. but I certainly recall Summer as a character and her complexities which moved far beyond the typical. I've only seen a few episodes of Mad Men, but I knew right away that Joan's character was against the grain in many ways. I found this article intriguing and important in terms of female character analysis in the realm of television today and it left me championing the next so-called "bitch" character to grace our screens.

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