Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lemonade and Rachel Ray: The power of the internet (Supplemental post #4)

Beyonce dropped her visual album  Lemonade last night (which I have no idea how you wouldn't know) and it was amazing. But one thing while I was watching I didn't expect as a response to Lemonade, was people attacking Rachel Ray.

Beyonce has a line that says: “He only want me when I’m not there / He better call Becky with the good hair.” And people started harassing Rachel Roy, a stylist, due to the rumors surrounding the infamous elevator fight. This escalated so much so that Roy put her instagram on private, which (from what I'm gathering) is semi-essential in her brand/marketing for her career.  However, people have been getting her mixed up with Rachel Ray the famous 30 minute meals bit. For specifics:

This has spun for one unspecific line in a 60 minute long (INCREDIBLE) visual album. Beyonce hold such power that a line in a song about a "Becky" can turn into Rachel Ray's instagram comments being filled with lemons.

Buzzfeed even made a quiz: Are you a Rachel Roy or a Rachel Ray.

This is the one of the less important parts of Lemonade, but shows the power of the internet and stars. (If you haven't watched Lemonade  yet,  what are you doing?)

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  1. I think this is an interesting point in celebrity fandoms doubling as cyber bullies. Personally, I have noticed that if you even say an utterance against Beyonce, her fans shit a brick and flip it. Saying "she's alright" to Beyonce fans is like snapping a puppy's neck, soaking it in gasoline and lighting a match to it. Aside from speaking greatly on the volume of admiration certain celebrities get, it also sheds light on the hostility fans get when they think their favorite star isn't appreciated at the level he/she deserves. Furthermore, even though I may enjoy Beyonce's music, I kind of hate her because I hate her overzealous fans. Similar to how I hated Tim Tebow in 2011 because all the rednecks at my school wouldn't stop Tebowing.


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