Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Supplemental Post #2: Steve Grand Asks the Big Questions, Why Do We Hate Young, Good Looking, White Gay Men?

Your first question is probably, "who the hell is Steve Grand?' If it is, do not worry, you're not alone, . This is Steve Grand:

Alright, now that I have your attention, let's talk about Steve Grand, [probably] country music's only gay star. Grand garnered attention a few years back after releasing a music video for his song "All American Boy" which featured a story of gay love and heartbreak. Or if you're like me you thirst followed him on Instagram cuz of those abs and just decided to keep following even after you found out he was a mediocre country singer.

Anyways, Steve Grand wants to know why people like me hate on him. As if the whole country music thing wasn't enough (ok I'm done with the country music bashing now) it's because he says things like he is a victim of Internet bashing because he is a young, good looking, white gay man. Please, Steve, tell me how hard your life must be :(((

One of the major problems with this, as the article linked below states, is that words like "All American Boy" and "Boy Next Door" immediately make us think of white. And this is not something that is hated on or shamed, it is something that is pretty much always desired and praised, especially in the gay community. Trust me, the amount of Grindr profiles I've come across with phrases such as NO Fats, NO Blacks, NO Asians, etc. is far greater than those that say NO Whites.

In our society, whiteness is the standard of beauty, and any type of minority is consistently bashed or fetishized, especially in gay culture, and young, good looking, white gay men definitely sit on the top of a racial hierarchy with plenty of privilege. And the article is right, if you are not any or all of these, you are stripped of any basic humanness.


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  1. Why do straight women hate gorgeous, attractive gay men!? Because we can't have them! They're just a tease! (but they make for great fantasies) ;)


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