Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Supplemental Post #3: MCM-Nyle DiMarco

Ok so technically it's Tuesday now but whatever, this is my version of a star sighting post, because I never come across celebs but if I came across this man I'd have many heart palpitations, and I just want to use this time to talk about actual literal perfect human being Nyle DiMarco.

DiMarco is known for being the winner of the 22nd cycle of America's Next Top Model.  While he has those goddamn gorgeous eyes that can pierce the deepest, darkest caverns of your soul, I think he is more than just a model, but a role model as a celebrity with a disability. Representation is extremely important in the media, and while there is sometimes just an issue with misrepresentation in the media through the form of insert-token-minority-character-here in either T.V. shows or movies, I think DiMarco breaks the mold and acts as an example of success for the deaf community. In a society where being a racial minority is a big enough problem, being a member of a minority because of a disability provides an even tougher route to making it in Hollywood. And I think DiMarco proves that it is time for the stigma surrounding people with disabilities needs to end because they are perfectly capable of doing anything a person without disabilities can do.

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