Monday, April 25, 2016

Supplemental Post: White Trash

Comedian W. Kamau Bell's new TV show United Shades of America aired last night to 900,000 viewers, which is pretty big for a CNN TV show (

The topic of this show is W. Kamau Bell meets the Klan. He goes and talks to different Klan members and attends a cross burning.

In the video clip below, it shows him arranging a meeting with the imperial wizard:

Bell also meets with a leader face to face in a coffee shop:

This guy says that if white people are in charge of non-white communities, America would be better. He argues that white people should be in charge. When Bell asks if he thinks all white people are more destined to be rule following, obedient citizens, the man replies "no, some of them are trash." This is again creating a hierarchy where white trash is placed below whiteness which we discussed earlier in the semester. He dismiss them as less than and obviously incapable. Even his facial expression is of disgust.

This clip is a bit more of comedic relief:

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