Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Supplemental Post #3: Archer Reviews Every James Bond Film

The FX series Archer follows the exploits of the spy agency ISIS and it's top 007-type superspy Sterling Archer. Archer is a comical recasting of the tropes of 1960s Man in the Grey Flannel Suit style masculinity. Most obviously a parallel to James Bond himself, it's kind of surprising for it to have taken this long for this video to get made. In the video Archer, posed typically at a bar, drink in hand, gives his opinion regarding highlight films of the Bond franchise. The video is part of a larger Entertainment Weekly article, written in Archer's voice, of every film in the franchise. Archer, both in the video and as a character, pokes fun at the violence and casual sexism endemic to mainstream 60s pop culture but the reduplication of these trends begs the question is parody enough? Is it adequate to simply recast problematic heroes as buffoonish, self-destructive narcissists or do we need a more fundamental restructuring of who we consider a hero?

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