Monday, April 25, 2016

supplemental post #6

For this post, I want to discuss commercial stars like Flo from Progressive, Billy Mays, and the black guy from Allstate. We don't know these people's names (except Billy Mays) yet they are widely recognized. Moreover, they make great livings. Flo makes $500,000 a year, only working a few days filming commercials. These people become the face of multi-million dollar companies and by extension celebrities in their own right.

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  1. Supplemental Post #7: Response to Erik Avellaneda’s Supplemental Post #6

    I would like to point out that the black male spokesperson for AllState has a name and lives in Pasadena (I used to see him at Von’s all the time with my mom growing up) and has a name and an IMDB page. He is not just some guy we see on TV all of the time, but we should definitely address the discrepancy of pay between actors both male and female and the racial binary that seems to get in the way of equality in this country. I feel like this is a topic that gets talked about but is consistently just circled endlessly which is why there haven’t been any real changes.

    Dennis Haysbert is an actor and a producer. He’s been acting for years and has some stuff coming out this year and next year.

    Stephanie Courtney AKA Flo from Progressive:


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