Saturday, April 23, 2016

Supplemental Post #5: Rest in Peace, Prince

I can't believe in the same year, within months of each other, that the world has lost two unbelievably talented musical and cultural icons. It almost seems cruel. While I wasn't much of a Prince fan, I remember him being one of the few artists whose presence and showmanship I couldn't ignore even if I wasn't an avid fan of his music.

In the recent hours after his death was made public, tons of celebrities took to Twitter to express their thoughts, most of shock and sorrow, and the really interesting thing was how many people of different ages, different ethnicities, and different music genres were represented. Justin Timberlake, Cher, Wyclef Jean, Questlove, The Weeknd, Jennifer Lopez, and yes, even Madonna herself (who was rumored to have dated Prince many years ago)

It's almost as if, like Michael Jackson, Prince transcended race and gender. He was known for lavish costumes and had a more androgynous appearance with his slender figure, hair styles, and very manicured facial hair. He was never overly masculine, but seemed to play his guitar and perform as if he was actually making love.

Like David Bowie, there was something magical about Prince that was larger than life, eclectic, and even psychedelic. No one could do what he could do the way he did it. And in my opinion, there really aren't many artists left who are as original as Prince and Bowie were. In addition to an amazing artist and cultural icon, the world has lost some originality that isn't being replaced by younger artists.

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